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MultiCheckProgramMultiCheck™ is the ideal solution for inspections of variable characters, clinical trial labels, barcodes, or any sequentially numbered products.

This all-in-one inspection solution performs image comparisons, text comparisons, optical character recognition (OCR) and reads barcodes with one simple batch process.

MultiCheck™ features a database component that allows master documents to be cataloged including their inspection types and pre-set zones.  When a sample document is acquired, a master is recalled by scanning the appropriate barcode with a hand-held scanner. The system recalls the master document along with the regions and the inspection types to be performed then executes the inspection as a batch process. The user can then review the results of each inspection category, including text differences, image differences, or barcode variation. MultiCheck™ can be configured to work with multiple cameras and scanners depending on application requirements.



For more information, product features and technical specifications view the data sheet below.



  • Data Verification
  • Custom Templates
  • OCR Detection
  • Data Zoning
  • Database
  • Reporting