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Quantum_ProgramQuantumCompare is a robust, yet user friendly document comparison system for organizations that demand 100% accuracy. QuantumCompare is a unicode-based system that reads and distills PDF’s for comparison from a number of document layouts. This advanced system analyzes the underlying data of each character, rather than its shape or appearance.

QuantumCompare allows the operator to specify zones. These zones interpret the document in the manner in which it will be read or a user can zone only specific areas of interest for a comparison. QuantumCompare compiles the words present in both master and sample files, compares the underlying data values, then reports results to the operator.

The difference navigator assists the operator in discovering error details within the document, for example, What was changed?, What is the precise nature of the change?, Was a word deleted, modified or added? and Where did the change occur? The difference navigator also shows the original word alongside the changed word for the operator to examine. Revisions are fast and 100% accurate with QuantumCompare. Verify with confidence that only intentional changes were made.


For more information, product features and technical specifications view the data sheet below.



  • Unicode Based
  • PDF Distiller
  • Zone Selection