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ScanCompareScanCompare captures multi-page sample documents from hard copies and compares them against multi-page digital master documents. Our proven Docu-Match comparison engine processes these documents in an efficient, automated batch process.

A typical inspection done in ScanCompare™ would begin with the operator scanning a sample of the finished product or component to compare against the authored digital master, typically a PDF. The batch comparison process is initiated, comparing the original master file to its corresponding sample file. ScanCompare is compatible with a wide range of booklet formats, including glue and staple bound, and can automatically reorder pages to match the PDF master.

Our innovative folio-processing algorithm anticipates the need to scan 4-page folios and automatically reorders them. Simply remove the binding, scan from the middle of the booklet and ScanCompare™ will correctly order the pages.

Upon completion results are provided with a detailed analysis of any differences found. The operator can then review each individual page, re-initiate the comparison or provide comments for report generation. After the automatic analysis is complete the comparison is presented as a difference map. Any deviations between master and sample will show up as light or dark regions against a field of gray.



For more information, product features and technical specifications view the data sheet below.



  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • PDF Extractor
  • Multi-page Document Comparison
  • Automatic Page Ordering