Introducing the NEWEST addition to our enhanced line of automated inspection solutions, AutoProof Pro S. Packed with new streamlined features that will increase efficiency and productivity.


Colored side-by-side view to reduce review times. Advanced user management functionality. Folder monitoring for faster project setup. Improved reporting capabilities.

• 100% Inspection
• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
• Scalable
• Multiple File Support
• Template Matching
• Nested Samples
• Large Document Support

• Image Compare
• Text Compare
• Color Compare
• Barcode Validation
• Braille Verification
• PDF Extractor

View and compare documents how they were meant to be viewed, in their native color layout. With new side-by-side color window panes, view comparison results without converting to grayscale. The image compare algorithm colorizes detected defects for easy review.

AutoProof Pro is compatible with multiple file types providing seamless operation and allowing for easy collaboration throughout the production process.

• The user management interface gives administrators more controls and the ability to apply settings to grouped users.
• Schedule auto-backups of important database configuration files and project logs to ensure data is always secure.
• Review important analytics with the new report functions. Determine the number of projects created and completed, which users had access to the system, and what files were added and deleted. Guarantee 100% user accountability.

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