Automated Barcode Verification Systems

Determine if embossed or digital braille dots meets international standards for spacing and shape. Braille has growing importance in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as printers and packagers who must create braille embossed cartons. Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. offers a range of technologies, from merely verifying braille content to a sophisticated 3d analysis of the height and shape of the braille dots.


AutoProof Pro Braille uses a specialized 3d imaging device to capture a heightmap of a braille carton presented to it. Like the rest of AutoProof Pro, 21 CFR part 11 features are available to forensically archive all inspections of these cartons and will produce reports on all aspects of the braille pattern, including a comparison with the stated braille spec being used or a comparison with the electronic artwork file. For customers who only need a 2d and content analysis of the braille, the capture can be done with a standard scanner and our systems will provide a comparison with the spec (in the X and Y dimensions) on printed cartons as well as electronic artwork files.

Braille Verification Products

  AutoProof™ Pro Braille

AutoProof Pro Braille is an advanced 3D braille analysis tool for measuring braille dots.

  Optical Braille Inspection

Read and decode braille in a number of languages and measure the spacing and 2-dimensional geometry of embossed braille dots.

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