QuantumCompare Document Inspection for Packaging and Inserts

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc., has announced its advanced new document comparison system. QuantumCompare sets a new standard in digital document comparison; for the first time, two electronic documents can be inspected for content and style differences, regardless of their appearance, layout, authoring, distillation engine or number of pages. Differences are highlighted in the body of the original document, in the precise context in which they are found. Using unique new technology, QuantumCompare analyzes the unique Unicode value of each character, rather than its shape or appearance, making it the most advanced text comparison software on the market today.

QuantumCompare is a user friendly document comparison system for any digital documents in which accuracy is absolutely critical: product information, packaging, manuals, labels and booklets. It is Unicode-based and can read and distill PDF files for comparison from a number of common formats. It is capable of finding differences in font type, font style, text color and can compare other text attributes like bolding and italicization.  To begin a comparison, the user loads the master and sample documents into the system, and selects the regions to be compared (or selects nothing, in order to compare the entire document). Next, the operator executes the comparison – the computer will compile the words present in the two files and compare their underlying data values, as well as the attribute tags such as font, bolding, italics, color and size. The system will then report back the results to the operator. In the example here, among other errors, the word “linearly” was left out of the sample – the system reports the change as a deleted word. A word present in the master file was left out of the sample and hence the word is deleted. The change is highlighted in the document in the original context and the difference is listed in the Difference Navigator along with the type of difference.

Detected errors are identified, aligned and color-coded the Difference Navigator pane. Errors are reported in the same order as they appear within the document, allowing the operator to read and revise sequentially. Use Quantum Compare to check your documents after each revision to verify that only intentional changes were made. What was changed? What is the precise nature of the change? Quantum Compare will give details about how and where the change occurred, and can generate a detailed report of discrepancies.

MultiCheck all Inclusive Vision Inspection Solution

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc., an automated vision systems manufacturer, has launched its newest quality assurance and inspection system, Multicheck.

MultiCheck  is an all inclusive image inspection solution, with the ability to verify 100% of the copy and graphics on labels, cartons, and other materials by performing image comparisons, text comparisons, reading and verifying the barcodes as well as performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on documents and applications with variable information such as clinical trial labels.

The MultiCheck  system is designed for those users whose needs exceed the basic requirements of inspection and designed specifically to proofread labels, inserts and cartons with variable information, as is often the case in clinical trials.  MultiCheck  also has a database component, so that the master documents can be cataloged, with their inspection types and zones already set.

The MultiCheck system consists of a computer and an imaging workstation with a 12 megapixel camera, and a powerful software suite. The system can capture a high-resolution, shadow-free image of any object up to 17 x 23 inches in diameter, under uniform lighting conditions. The camera has built in zoom and macro features so that all objects can be clearly captured.

Q-Spec™ End of Line Inspection for Inserts, Cartons and Kit Components

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the newest Vision/Barcode based inspection system Q-Spec™.

Q-Spec™ is a kit verification system designed to inspect and verify all of your labeled components, including inserts, cartons, or other kit components during your final packaging assembly. The system can be custom configured to match your kit against your work order or database.  No barcode, no problem, we can use HD camera based technology to read and match your product code utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Verification (OCV) technology. Q-Spec™ can be configured to read both the work order and component to eliminate errors by typing in the data. Q-Spec™ provides an accurate and detailed report of any differences found by part number or the expected kits shipped. The system can be configured to require correct flow of the packaging of each kit as well as adding extra or defective components or labels not used. Optional features, such as seal inspection of pouches, product count, or verifying barcodes meet ANSI standards may be added.

Q-Spec™ allows the user to only inspect a random sample of the kits or products being assembled and packaged.

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