Automated Color Verication Systems

Today’s printing applications require precision in the color processes. Product packaging, more than ever, is an integral part of product marketing and color accuracy is a key concern of quality departments. Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. advanced color comparison tools can allow your organization to assure color accuracy.


Our color comparison technology places the master color record and sample carton side-by-side. Check a color on the sample and it is automatically compared to the same location on the master. Comparisons can be made against an approved color Standard or a Pantone swatch (or similar color standard). Tolerances of acceptable color deviation can be set up to make sure all the sample materials inspected by operators meet the color quality level established by your organization.

Color Verification Products

  AutoProof™ Pro Color

Color comparison and and sampling module for AutoProof Pro Imaging Suite, designed to compare a target color between two file.


ColorCheck is a color comparison and and sampling program, designed to compare a target color between two files.

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