Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. provides industry leading vision systems globally. A key element of Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.’s growth is its commitment to the international marketplace. We have a well-established global presence outside the United States and maintain a network of regional business development offices and partners serving customers in key international markets in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Asia Pacific regions. Our company offers a range of product solutions available for these markets and sells products and services to customers in over 25 nations.

Global Vision and Commitment

For Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. and our employees, active participation in the industry associations and conferences is a crucial part of both staying current with industry trends, and championing the end customer in the development of the most capable vision systems possible. We currently play an active role in over 15 of the leading industry associations and will continue to support the development of industry standards and product technology to serve the best interests our customers.


Global Representation

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. has established a strong network of partners around the world.  Our partner network allows us to provide a unique mix of high value products, services and solutions to customers in nearly every corner of the globe. Our representatives are carefully vetted before joining our organization, and are required to stay current on our vision products and technology through an ongoing process of training that takes place both in person and remotely. These relationships also create extended value for our customers by providing a combination of products, solutions and support that either meet or exceed our users requirements.

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