HD Barcode Secure Identification of Product or Person

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Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. has introduced the world’s most advanced 2D barcode for absolute identification without Internet lookup.

The HD Barcode is a revolution in data density, holding up to 703kB of secure, encrypted information that can be customized with unique private versions of the HD Barcode. Additional security features include a code generator program that is kept separate from the readers ensuring that the barcode can never be reproduced.

As a second security measure, the code can contain data about other covert features and their locations within the identification card. This information can be easily moved as required and only the company has access to that information.

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. also provides Android or iOS Smartphone apps that can read the HD Barcode and provide conclusive data in the form of images and secure information that would reveal diversion or detect copying of the identification card.

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