Traditional 2D barcodes, such as DataMatrix and QR codes, are limited in data capacity and require an Internet connection or time-consuming database look-ups.

HD Barcode™ has none of these shortcomings; a single code can hold 175 times more data than traditional 2D barcodes allowing for comprehensive product information in the form of text, images, HTML and Zip files.

Using a proprietary reading application, an authorized user can scan, read, and verify product details at any location.  No Internet or database look-ups required!

Manufacturers can include track and trace information, product specifications, e-pedigree data, plant location, manufacture date, distribution regions (s), package, carton or label identifiers, user data, full color images and marketing incentives.


  • Proprietary Code
  • No Internet Required
  • Instant Authentication
  • No Database Look-ups
  • Track & Trace
  • Large Data Capacity
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