Automated Kit Verification Systems

Our kit verification systems verify the contents of a package, inspect package seal integrity, verify human readable values with OCR, and verify barcodes. These products provide an intuitive interface for operators allowing them to maximize production while maintaining assurance that all products have been assembled, sealed and labeled correctly.

Manufacturers in the sensitive medical device industry must be assured that multi-part kits are delivered to the customer with all components present. Often, components are sterilized and sealed as well, while receiving a printed label to identify the components of the kit. Our technologies are designed to assure that operators and packaging staff always complete the kit, seal the kit and affix the correct label.


Using camera and computer systems, and our advanced software algorithms, Complete Inspection Systems can implement a system that integrates into your existing production line. Operators will simply present the package to the camera at various stages of the packaging operation, or scan barcodes of the package’s sub-components. As the various packaging steps are completed, verification of the completed steps as well as the printing and seal quality are shown as Pass/Fail on the packaging line’s monitor.

Kit Verification Products

  MultiCheck Plus™

MultiCheck is able to perform image comparisons, text comparisons, OCR and read barcodes in one simple batch process.


Database or work order comparison to actual packaging, kit components, product inserts or labeling.

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