Identify Component Parts without an Internet Connection!

Barcode technology has taken a quantum leap forward with the introduction of the HD Barcode™ and its ability to embed up to 175 times more data than DataMatrix or QR codes!

This all inclusive proprietary barcode does NOT require an Internet connection to scan and read and can be custom configured to allow only authorized personnel the ability to scan.

In this example an HD Barcode™ is placed on an authentic and counterfeit product part.  The HD Barcode™ is scanned and displays the authentic product image for comparison, including location information of covert UV Micro Dots that were embedded within the product label.  The counterfeit product part is quickly revealed as the authentic label image from the HD Barcode™ does not match and the UV Micro Dots are missing from the counterfeit label.  Part identification and product authentication within seconds!


  • Proprietary Code
  • No Internet Required
  • Instant Authentication
  • No Database Look-ups
  • Track & Trace
  • Large Data Capacity
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