The HD Barcode™ is unique to manufacturers and can be custom configured to allow only authorized personnel the ability to scan.

This sophisticated 2D barcode features a large data capacity holding up to 175 times more characters than DataMatrix or QR codes!

Store up to 703 kilobytes of data including full color images and unique product identifiers.

Include name of manufacturer, location of manufacturing plant, product line information, carton or label identifiers, revisions numbers and distribution regions.

The HD Barcode™ is proprietary, thus can NOT be scanned or read by unauthorized users.  Should a label be copied or reproduced, it will not compromise the integrity of the HD Barcode™ because all information is embedded within the code and can not be altered.


  • Proprietary Code
  • No Internet Required
  • Product Authentication
  • No Database Look-ups
  • Track & Trace
  • Large Data Capacity
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