Introducing the NEWEST addition to our enhanced line of automated inspection solutions, AutoProof Pro S. Packed with new streamlined features that will increase efficiency and productivity.

Colored side-by-side view to reduce review times.
Advanced user management functionality.
Folder monitoring for faster project setup.
Improved reporting capabilities.

• 100% Inspection
• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
• Scalable
• Multiple File Support
• Template Matching
• Nested Samples
• Large Document Support

• Image Compare
• Text Compare
• Color Compare
• Barcode Validation
• Braille Verification
• PDF Extractor

View and compare documents how they were meant to be viewed, in their native color layout. With new side-by-side color window panes, view comparison results without converting to grayscale. The image compare algorithm colorizes detected defects for easy review.

AutoProof Pro is compatible with multiple file types providing seamless operation and allowing for easy collaboration throughout the production process.

• The user management interface gives administrators more controls and the ability to apply settings to grouped users.
• Schedule auto-backups of important database configuration files and project logs to ensure data is always secure.
• Review important analytics with the new report functions. Determine the number of projects created and completed, which users had access to the system, and what files were added and deleted. Guarantee 100% user accountability.


ScanCompare is a fast and accurate print inspection solution designed to help operators detect missing, moved, or modified copy within hundreds of pages. Import digital or scanned image files and perform a batch inspection of 100% of the material.

• Compare Multi-Page PDF Files to Digital and Hardcopy Files
• Detect Missing, Moved or Modified Text and Graphics
• Detect Spelling, Font, & Symbol Changes in Any Language
• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
• Barcode Validation
• Validation Documents (IQ, OQ, and PQ) Available

• Compare multi-page documents fast and accurately against the approved standard
• Import PDF and image files (BMP, TIFF, and PNG)
• Scan directly into ScanCompare for fast setup
• Automatic zoning function for complex layouts
• Save setup configurations for future projects
• Comment on defects detected

• Read and match sample codes to master codes
• Dissimilar codes are flagged as “No Match”
• PDF reporting functionality
• Supports 1D and 2D Codes (UPC, Code 128, Data Matrix, QR Code, etc.)


Quantum Compare™ is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant Unicode based inspection solution capable of detecting deviations between two digital documents in their native layout, in any language, in seconds. By extracting and comparing the Unicode, operators can feel certain the results will be 100% accurate every time.

• Directions For Use
• Product Information
• Packaging
• Manuals
• Labels
• Inserts
• Contracts
• Image Inspection

Compare unlike documents such as multi-column PDF files against approved Word documents utilizing the zoning tool. By applying zones, or controlled extraction markers, over the content in the correct reading order, allows Quantum Compare to accurately inspect documents with unique layouts and different number of pages with ease. Guarantee content correctness by inspecting digital documents at the Unicode level with Quantum Compare.

Use the Navigator tool to easily cycle through all differences detected. Quickly determine what the change was, whether it is present on the master or sample file, and apply comments that will be found on the final report.

Omit known differences, such as symbols, from being flagged that otherwise may overburden the operator.

Should the content deviate due to added, deleted, or modified copy, Quantum Compare will apply digital markers around the area for easy review.

The simple load-and-compare process for like-documents helps operators quickly analyze digital files, improve quality, save time, and avoid recalls.

Pharma Compliance, Digital Audit Trail, Scalability, Document Merge, Medical Dictionary*, Spell Check, Localization*
*Available for an additional charge.


ACCUPROOF™ Print Check is a versatile solution for quick and accurate proofreading of digital and printed copy in a time sensitive environment.

Print Check utilizes a robust image comparison algorithm to quickly and accurately identify and highlight differences between Master and Sample documents.

• Identify and Highlight Copy Differences
• Digital Overlay, Toggle, and Subtraction
• Easy One-Button Load and Compare Process
• Quickly Analyze Results via Digital Markers
• Scanner and Camera Acquisition Devices
• Comprehensive PDF Reports

Results are displayed in a 3-paned window; Standard, Sample, & Difference Map.

Every manufacturer knows the risks of allowing packages or products to be manually assembled and visually inspected. This can result in missing or incorrect components in the assembled kit, unsealed products, and incorrect copy on printed labels.

• Intuitive interface with on-screen cues to streamline setup and project runs
• Import project data from CSV file or work order for match verification during inspection process
• Comprehensive reporting of all inspection types

• Standalone turnkey solution with optional configurability to meet unique requirements

• Off-the-shelf components for reliable and timely support

• 21 CRF Part 11 ready; user control and digital signatures with audit trial
• Validation documentation (IQ/OQ-PQ assist)

• All-in-One PC, Windows OS, PDF reporting (touchscreen optional)
• Utilize external server for additional storage capacity
• High precision checkweigher with attached stacklight providing audible and visual cues
• Handheld barcode readers (wireless optional)

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