Complete Inspection Systems’ Braille Verification Solution utilizes Optical Braille Recognition software. This highly robust system for Braille accuracy inspection is able to read and decode braille in a variety of languages, as well as, measure the spacing and 2-dimensional geometry of embossed braille dots.

This advanced software is able to provide automatic control of Braille correctness and compare decoded text with predefined standards. After evaluation the software generates a report including a full data summary. Multiple methods of decoding the braille are available ensuring that embossed braille dots can be read under a variety of circumstances.

Braille Verification can be performed on the back or front side of an article and can load BMP, PNG, or PDF image scans into the system.  Control the correctness of Braille throughout the entire production process from pre-press to final product distribution.

European Union directive 2004/27/EC specifies that every medicine box must include the name of the medication and the potion, not only in standard text, but also in Braille. The Braille Verification Solution uses a standard flatbed TWAIN A4 or A3 scanner, locates and recognizes Braille text embossed on packaging and assures correctness for product protection.


  • Multiple Languages
  • Automatic Recognition
  • Automatic Translation
  • Multiple Libraries
  • Embossed Detection
  • Print Detection
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