Product Overview

ACCUPROOF™ Print Check is a versatile solution for quick and accurate proofreading of digital and printed copy in a time sensitive environment.

Print Check utilizes a robust image comparison algorithm to quickly and accurately identify and highlight differences between Master and Sample documents.


  • Identify and Highlight Copy Differences
  • Digital Overlay, Toggle, and Subtraction
  • Easy One-Button Load and Compare Process
  • Quickly Analyze Results via Digital Markers
  • Scanner and Camera Acquisition Devices
  • Comprehensive PDF Reports
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The “Difference Map” presents deviations as Black & White pixels for fast visual review.
Computer generated markers indicates where differences are located on Master and Sample files.

Results are displayed in a 3-paned window; Standard, Sample, & Difference Map.

File Support


Our software accepts many digital files for conducting comparisons. Besides the environtmental benefits, going paperless allows for better security, reduced operating costs and creates a central document repository increasing process constency and productivity.
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