Product Overview

Every manufacturer knows the risks of allowing packages or products to be manually assembled and visually inspected. This can result in missing or incorrect components in the assembled kit, unsealed products, and incorrect copy on printed labels.


Barcode Reading & Validation

  • Standard 1D/2D (EAN, Code 128, Datamatrix etc.)
  • Parse and calculate quantity values
  • Parsed data is logged in report
  • Sequence Control to ensure proper procedure is followed

Checkweigher Integration 

  • Import product weight tolerances
  • Check kit weight before continuing
  • Audible/Visual cues for Pass/Fail
  • Final reports indicates Accepted/Failed
    weight tests

Character Verification/Recognition

  • Reads text strings in various orientations
  • Template match
  • Train characters
  • Threshold capabilities to optimize print quality
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  • Standalone turnkey solution with optional configurability to meet unique requirements
  • Off-the-shelf components for reliable and timely support


  • Intuitive interface with on-screen cues to streamline setup and project runs
  • Import project data from CSV file or work order for match verification during inspection process
  • Comprehensive reporting of all inspection types

Technical Data

  • All-in-One PC, Windows OS, PDF reporting
    (touchscreen optional)
  • Utilize external server for additional storage capacity
  • High precision checkweigher with attached stacklight providing audible and visual cues
  • Handheld barcode readers; wireless optional

Quality Assurance

  • 21 CRF Part 11 ready; user control and digital signatures with audit trial
  • Validation documentation (IQ/OQ-PQ assist)

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