Product Overview

Packaging errors can occur when outdated or incorrect components are loaded onto a packaging machine for production runs. Even when in line verifiers are present, many verification systems use the first article as a golden template and perform each check thereafter against the first. If this first article has an error or is the wrong stock altogether, the results can trigger a costly recall and be devastating to a company’s brand.


  • Confirm Component Correctness
  • Create Historical Record of Production Materials
  • Generate Production Verification Reports
  • CSV Database Query
  • 21 CFR part 11 Ready
  • User Management Functionality


Q-Spec AVS (Archiving Verification System) allows manufacturers to scan and confirm production materials against a work order to ensure the correct stock and product revisions are being used. By importing a comprehensive database into Q-Spec, operators can feel certain the scanned products are being checked against the most current information.

Enhance packaging efforts by documenting and archiving product materials used for each production run. Capture images of each packaging component with a high-resolution 16MP image acquisition device near the production area and create a historical log to refer back to.

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