Q-Spec™ End of Line Inspection for Inserts, Cartons and Kit Components

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the newest Vision/Barcode based inspection system Q-Spec™.

Q-Spec™ is a kit verification system designed to inspect and verify all of your labeled components, including inserts, cartons, or other kit components during your final packaging assembly. The system can be custom configured to match your kit against your work order or database.  No barcode, no problem, we can use HD camera based technology to read and match your product code utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Verification (OCV) technology. Q-Spec™ can be configured to read both the work order and component to eliminate errors by typing in the data. Q-Spec™ provides an accurate and detailed report of any differences found by part number or the expected kits shipped. The system can be configured to require correct flow of the packaging of each kit as well as adding extra or defective components or labels not used. Optional features, such as seal inspection of pouches, product count, or verifying barcodes meet ANSI standards may be added.

Q-Spec™ allows the user to only inspect a random sample of the kits or products being assembled and packaged.

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