PRODUCT OVERVIEW Quantum Compareā„¢ is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant Unicode based inspection solution capable of detecting deviations between two digital documents in their native layout, in any language, in seconds. By extracting and comparing the Unicode, operators can feel certain the results will be 100% accurate every time.

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Compare unlike documents such as multi-column PDF files against approved Word documents utilizing the zoning tool. By applying zones, or controlled extraction markers, over the content in the correct reading order, allows Quantum Compare to accurately inspect documents with unique layouts and different number of pages with ease. Guarantee content correctness by inspecting digital documents at the Unicode level with Quantum Compare.

Use the Navigator tool to easily cycle through all differences detected. Quickly determine what the change was, whether it is present on the master or sample file, and apply comments that will be found on the final report.

Omit known differences, such as symbols, from being flagged that otherwise may overburden the operator.
Should the content deviate due to added, deleted, or modified copy, Quantum Compare will apply digital markers around the area for easy review.

The simple load-and-compare process for like-documents helps operators quickly analyze digital files, improve quality, save time, and avoid recalls.

Pharma Compliance, Digital Audit Trail, Scalability, Document Merge, Medical Dictionary*, Spell Check, Localization*
*Available for an additional charge.

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