The HD Barcode™ is a revolutionary 2D barcode offering advanced encryption technology to positively determine a person’s identity-without requiring Internet connectivity.

In the example to the left, a drivers license is converted into a HD Barcode™, then scanned and decoded using a Smartphone.

A single code can hold up to 175 times more data than traditional 2D barcodes allowing for comprehensive information such as, birth records, medical history, security clearance, access credentials, and full color images.

Data from the HD Barcode™ is encrypted in a proprietary format, unreadable by other scanners, thus further enhancing security measures.  A separate reader application is configured for the recipient eliminating the need for Internet connectivity and time-consuming database look-ups.

As an additional layer of security, the HD Barcode™ can contain information about added covert features and their locations within the identification card.  Companies can change or move the covert features as required.  Only authorized personnel has access to the secure information.

The HD Barcode™ is generated using a micro pc “black box” that provides a unique license for a specific number of barcodes assigned to individual customers and their print house.  Custom Android, iOS Smartphones or code reader applications scan and decode the HD Barcode™.  These applications provide conclusive data, in the form of images and secure text, which reveals diversion or detects copying of the identification card.


  • Instant ID
  • No Internet
  • Color Images
  • Large Capacity
  • Reveal Diversion
  • Confirm Records
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