We encourage you to submit your documents allowing us to detect any differences that may have been missed. Our proofreading service allows you to submit your printed materials for inspection and we will provide you with a free detailed custom report on our findings.


Tight deadlines, production quotas, constantly changing content and graphics… we understand!

Our software solutions will assure all content remains accurate from revision to revision with program tools that pinpoint all document changes within seconds. Identify, comment and create custom reports including any content or graphic changes such as, deletions, insertions or font discrepancies. Detect differences in any language, including braille.

Avoid mistakes, or even worse recalls, by using any one of our proven proofreading solutions. Offering several software options to suit every need.


Once we receive your documents we will review the files and develop a strategy based on your user requirements. After all documents have been inspected we will present to you a detailed report and summary of our findings.


  • 100% Accuracy
  • Prevent fines, penalties and costly recalls.
  • Detailed reports on findings.
  • Multiple solutions for any budget.

Sample Material Requirements

Our proofreading software is compatible with many common file types.  Once your sample materials have been submitted a team member will contact you to set up an online demonstration and review any differences found.  If your materials are confidential and can not be released, we have sample materials we can provide to demonstrate the power of our proofreading software and how it can save your company time and money!

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