Compare content between documents using Unicode based values. Perfect for documents unlike in appearance or during a revision process. Text inspection is used to compare documents that have significant differences in layout and design, with similar content.  Font size, page size, column layout, number of pages and file formats do not need to match in order to run a comparison.  Our advanced software can quickly and accurately compare and provide custom reports of differences found.


Our technology compares the underlying unique Unicode value of each character within text documents, meaning it can compare any written language in use today.  Read in both directions from left-to-right and right-to-left, as well as Arabic, Hindi, and Chinese. It can easily match two documents that only share a handful of similar words or even a single paragraph.  This advanced software can not be confused by layout changes or changes in the font size and type.

Greatly increase the speed of document comparisons, eliminated errors, and provide peace of mind though the inspection process.

Text Verification Products

  AutoProof Pro™ Text

AutoProof Pro™ Text detects missing, moved or modified text verifying the underlying unicode values.


QuantumCompare™ is a unicode-based system that reads PDF’s for comparison from many document layouts.

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